Types of Diabetes

01.08.2017 0 Adaris Balboa
Types of Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition in which you have abnormal sugar levels in your body. The ingested glucose you consume through eating various foods fails to maintain a normal steady glucose level. 

There are several types of Diabetes:

  • Type 1 - When you are diagnosed with type 1, your body (pancreas) is producing little to no insulin. This type is mostly found in children and young adults as you tend to develop this early in life, but it some cases it can also appear in older adults
  • Type 2 - This category is an indicator that your body is preventing the insulin produced from working appropriately. Your body may be producing some level of insulin, but not enough to manage a steady glucose level. This is the most common type of Diabetes. 
  • Gestational Diabetes - This is high and/or low blood sugar that develops during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers are tested for this condition. Usually, mothers return to normal glucose levels post pregnancy. 
  • Pre-Diabetes - Those diagnosed with pre-diabetes are at a high risk of developing type 2 diabetes if not controlled. Most patients diagnosed in this category are quickly placed on diets and healthier lifestyles to avoid a type 2 diagnosis. 

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